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About Us

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Reliable Commercial Plumbing and Civil Construction in the Geelong Area

Matt Dean PTY LTD has over 20 years experience with pipeline infrastructure, bulk earthworks, and commercial plumbing within the Geelong region. For a trustworthy team who is familiar with your region, please call us.

Capabilities – Our workforce typically consists of

– 2 Project Managers
– 2 Engineers
– 1 CAD Operators
– 6 Backhoe/Excavator Operators

– 8 Heavy Vehicle Licensed Operators
– 3 Administration Staff
– 6 Registered Plumbers and Gasfitters
– 2 Apprentice Plumbers

Capabilities – Our Machinery typically consists of

– 2 x 20T Excavators
– 1 x 30T Excavators
– 2 x Backhoes
– Truck and Trailers

– 1 x Front end loader
– Elevated Working Platforms
– Scaffolding, Whacker Plates
– Trench Shields, Forklifts

Unparalleled Customer Service

At Matt Dean PTY LTD, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Each client is given undivided attention to ensure that their particular needs, expectations and preferences are met and accounted for. Each project is approached as an individual problem requiring innovative custom solutions that best meet those particular specifications. Providing a quality installation is expected from our company, specialising in water, sewer and drainage infrastructure and commercial plumbing.