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Quality & Service

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Matt Dean Pty Ltd utilised an Integrated Management System integrating the requirements of AS 4801 – OH&S management, AS9001 – Quality Management Systems and AS 14001 – Environmental Management Systems.

We are a Civil Contractors Federation certified contractor and the IMS framework endeavours to ensure that the company meets all statutory requirements whilst providing assurance to its clients that works performed by Matt Dean Pty Ltd meet high standards of quality, safety and environmental concerns.

In order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the IMS Matt Dean Pty Ltd itself undertakes biannual internal audits and is audited annually by an accredited third party compliance audit company.

  • Matt Dean Pty Ltd is compliant with all applicable current EBA’s.
  • The business is up to date with relevant insurance requirements.
  •  Matt Dean Pty Ltd is a VEDN Accredited company able to undertake various civil and related works on underground electrical infrastructure.

Company Statement

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The company is very committed to continual improvement and expects this commitment to be matched by that of its employees. Training and supervision is programmed and planned to reinforce and develop this commitment, by both the company and the employees


Matt Dean Pty Ltd recognises its responsibility under the relevant state acts and associated legislation to

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, and the public,
  • Ensure that the local community and public are protected against injury of illness
Environmental Policy

Matt Dean Pty Ltd reconises it has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the environmental is protected at all times from damage due to the construction work it carries out.

Matt Dean Pty Ltd is very commitment to continual improvement and aims to

  • Ensure the company complies with legislation and encourages employees to match industry standards and best practices for environmental management
  • Provide environmentally sensitive methods of work and operation of plant
  • Ensure protection of the environment